Mengzhou is located in the northwest of Henan at the hinterland of Central Plains Economic Region, adjacent to Taihang Mountain in the north and the Yellow River in the south, with a total area of 541 sq. km, a population of 380,000 and 11 towns and sub-district offices. In recent years, Mengzhou has adhered to the Scientific Outlook on Development, complied with the requirement of “building an industry cluster district, cultivating a leading industry above 10 billion yuan and forming a city with a population of 300,000”, focused on the overall thought of “City Driving, Industry Support, Agriculture Promotion, People’s Livelihood Improvement”, targeted at “Four-leadings & Pace-making”, accelerated the new-type urbanization, new-type industrialization and new-type agricultural modernization” and explored new ideas of scientific development. Mengzhou has obtained more than 200 state/provincial-level honors, such as “China Top 100 Small and Medium-sized Cities in Regional Driving Ability”, “National Scientific and Technological Progress Model City”, “China Financial Eco-city”, “National Top 100 Small and Medium-sized Cities in Investment Potential”.


1. Main Economic Data

(1) Economic Indicators

By the end of December 2014, Mengzhou was estimated to achieve the total output value of 26 billion yuan, an increase of 8.5%; added value of industries above a designated scale 18 billion yuan, an increase of 10%; general financial revenue 1.38 billion yuan, an increase of 27.7% (the budget revenue of public finance of 1.015 billion, an increase of 11%; fixed assets investment 25.62 billion yuan, an increase of 21.5%; total retail sales of consumer goods 6.45 billion yuan, an increase of 12.4%; urban residents’ per capita disposable income 23,943 yuan, an increase of 9.8%; and peasants’ per capita net income 13,214yuan, an increase of 11.5%.
The industry cluster district was estimated to achieve fixed assets investment of 19.7 billion yuan, an increase of 29%, 10.7% higher than that of the target; main business of 60.3 billion, an increase of 19%.


(2) Development of Thrice Industries

1. Industry: Mengzhou has 208 enterprises above designated size, including 14 enterprises which pay a tax of more than 5 million yuan a year. Mengzhou has 1 listed company, 3 Henan Top 100 Enterprises, 2 academician workstations and 4 post-doctoral R&D bases and 7 provincial engineering technology centers. The high-tech developmental zone, with a planning area of 21.59 sq. km. and a built-up area of 10.23 sq. km., is able to provide 43,000 jobs, and is “Henan High-tech Industrial Development Zone”, “Henan Top 10 Industry Cluster Districts” and “Henan Two-Star Industry Cluster District”.

2. Agriculture: Mengzhou has a total area of cultivated land of 430,000 mu, including 380,000 mu cultivated land contracted by the households. So far, Mengzhou has a transferred land area of 208,300 mu, accounting for 54.8% of total area of household-contracted land; the area of the large-scale land above 50 mu amounts to 97,600 mu, and 27 administrative villages transfer the lands above 50%. Mengzhou has 484 farmers’ specialized cooperatives, 423 big planting and breeding households and 38 family farms. Moreover, Mengzhou has built 9 production bases of pollution-free, green agricultural products and 1230 vegetable greenhouses. Now Mengzhou has 9 agricultural industry clusters in 5 sectors, such as corn, meat products, beverage, artificial board, etc., and 217 leading enterprises of agricultural industrialization (including 27 provincial/municipal-level enterprises), which provide 43,000 jobs.

3. Tertiary Industry: Mengzhou has planned many large tertiary industry projects, such as central business district, Dezhong Daluotang International Agricultural Products Trade Center, TUV Testing Platform, etc., and launched the preparation of e-commerce development outline. The employees in the tertiary industry amount to 65,000. Dezhong Bonded Logistic Park has opened on-line shop and off-line consumption operation platform. Some leading enterprises, such as Henan Zhongyuan Neipei Co., Ltd., Henan Prosper Fur Co., Ltd., Henan Famous Diamond Industrial Co., Ltd., etc., have launched their own e-commerce platforms. Sangpo Village was selected as only “Taobao Village” in the Midwest China.


(3) Project Construction in 2014

By the end of Dec., Mengzhou has invested more than 5 million in 198 newly-built and continued projects, with the total planned investment of 35.69 billion yuan. In 2014, the planned investment was 12.35 billion yuan, and the accumulated investment was 13.75 billion yuan, 111.4% of the planned investment. 11 projects are above 1 billion yuan: silica gel lead battery, auto exhaust purifier with annual capacity of 1,250,000 sets, ultra-thin wood fiber board with annual capacity of 220,000 m3, Prosper Company Comprehensive Processing Industrial Park, Yunong Bio-Technology Industrial Park, new-type energy-saving and eco-friendly engine cylinder sleeve, Mengzhou Sangpo Fur Processing Industrial Park, Hengai Energy-saving Environmental Control Industrial Park, chemical fiber products, Jiu-Ding-Yu-Xiu, and Xinyuan residence; 8 projects below 1 billion yuan and above 0.5 billion yuan: Jialing Industrial Park, refrigerator and washing machine, tanning of goatskin with annual capacity of 10,000,000 pieces and sewage treatment, tanning cleaner production and comprehensive pollution treatment, manufacturing of presses with annual capacity of 300 sets, Huiping Yinuo energy-saving door and window, Bi-Shui-Yun-Tian residence, and Shi-Ji-Wang-Zuo residence; 47 projects are below 0.5 billion yuan and above 0.1 billion yuan.

1. 1. 109 Industrial Projects: total planned investment of 25.02 billion yuan: 55 projects above 0.1 billion yuan, 14 projects above 1 billion yuan, 7 provincial-level key projects and 46 Jiaozuo municipal-level key projects. In 2014, the planned investment was 8.8 billion yuan, and the accumulated investment was 10.18 billion yuan. 135 projects already or nearly have been completed, including Zhongyuan Neipei Phase-III, third-generation polydextrose production line, China Grain Reserves Corporation’s drying tower, display cabinet with annual processing capacity of 8000 meters, etc. 63 projects are under construction, including Shangjia door and window processing, new-type biological leavening agent production line with annual capacity of 300,000 tons, ultra-thin wood fiber board with annual capacity of 220,000 m3, refrigerators with annual capacity of 1,000,000 sets and washing machines with annual capacity of 400,000 sets, etc.

2. 26 Agricultural Projects: Total planned investment of 0.83 billion yuan. In 2014, the planned investment was 0.49 billion yuan, and the accumulated investment was 0.49 billion yuan.

3. 63 Infrastructure and Public Service Projects: Total planned investment 9.85 billion yuan. In 2014, the planned investment was 3.06 billion yuan, and the accumulated investment was 3.07 billion yuan. 9 Urban Road Projects: with total investment of 0.325 billion yuan, 7 roads such as Changfu Road (widening), Huayuan New Street (east section), Taihang Avenue (east extension), Qingfeng Avenue (east extension), Guanghua Road, etc. have been completed and opened to traffic, and 2 roads such as Huichang Road (south section), and the connected line between Nanhuai Road and Xihuan Road) are under construction. 8 Educational Projects: Heyong Primary School, Second Kindergarten Directly under the Municipal Government, Dading Primary School, Longtai Primary School’s teaching building, Yusi Middle School’s teaching building, Xiaosongzhuang dining room, experimental middle school, heating engineering of middle schools and primary schools; currently, Heyong Primary School and Second Kindergarten Directly under the Municipal Government have been put into use, and Dading Primary School is calling for bid. 13 Ecological Greening Projects: 8 projects such as Yellow River West Road Ecological Protection Forest, 1000mu Nursery Flowers Demonstration Base, etc., increasing 12,000 mu forest; 5 wetland projects, with a total area of 1860 mu. 40 Housing Projects: (1). Development Project: 24 newly-built and continued urban development projects, with a total investment of 2.1 billion yuan and a total building area of more than 1,000,000 m2; (2). Security Housing: 5 newly-built and continued public rental houses, such as entrepreneurship center, Yunong Bio-Technology Industrial Park Staff Apartment, etc., with a total investment of 0.452 billion yuan and a total building area of 191,000 m2. (3). New-type Community Project: launching the construction of 11 communities, with a total building area of 3,450,000 m2, which can contain a population of 99,300. At present, Changdian Community Phase-I and Binhe New Village nearly have been completed, and the major structures of more than 60 high-rise community buildings, such as Wen-Gong-Xin-Yuan, He-Xiang-Yuan, He-Yang-Shi-Jia, Wu-Tong-Xin-Yuan, Da-Tang-Ming-Cun and Jiu-Ding-Yu-Xiu, etc. have been completed.


2. Towns and Sub-district Offices

Dading Sub-district Office: Area 23 sq.km., population 39,591, 4 residential committees and 19 villagers committees; fiscal revenue (in 2014) 34,356,000 yuan.

Huichang Sub-district Office: Area 48.3 sq.km., population 50,057, 8 residential committees and 21 villagers committees; fiscal revenue (in 2014) 36,858,000 yuan.

Heyong Sub-district Office: Area 18.4 sq.km., population 19,793, 1 residential committee and 14 villagers committees; fiscal revenue (in 2014) 30,22.9,000 yuan.

Heyang Sub-district Office: Area 15.1 sq.km., population 29,738, 1 residential committee and 17 villagers committees; fiscal revenue (in 2014) 42,627,000 yuan.

Huagong Town: Area 48.25 sq.km., population 38,214, 20 villagers committees; fiscal revenue (in 2014) 4,940,000 yuan.

Nanzhuang Town: Area 44.75 sq.km., population 43,189, 27 villagers committees; fiscal revenue (in 2014) 10,434,000 yuan.

Chengbo Town: Area 63 sq.km., population 33,672, 23 villagers committees; fiscal revenue (in 2014) 6,065,000 yuan.

Gudan Town: Area 49.5 sq.km., population 29,140, 29 villagers committees; fiscal revenue (in 2014) 4,161,000 yuan.

Zhaohe Town: Area 77.6 sq.km., population 38,015, 38 villagers committees; fiscal revenue (in 2014) 3,914,000 yuan.

Xiguo Town: Area 83.87 sq.km., population 36,074, 21 villagers committees; fiscal revenue (in 2014) 84,242,000 yuan.

Huaishu Town: Area 70.4 sq.km., population 23,454, 44 villagers committees; fiscal revenue (in 2014) 2,525,000 yuan.

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