Pillar Industries

Mengzhou’s Industry Cluster District, with a planning area of 21.59 sq. km., has attracted 82 enterprises above designated size, and obtained many honors: “Henan Top 10 Industry Cluster Districts”, “Henan High-tech Industrial Development Zone” and “Henan Famous Brand Creation Model Industry Cluster District”. In 2014, the Industry Cluster District achieved main business income of 58 billion yuan, an increase of 16.8%; fixed assets investment of 18 billion yuan, an increase of 22.3%; and tax revenue of 0.6 billion yuan, an increase of 14.7%; and absorbed 60,000 employees, an increase of 8.4%. The Industry Cluster District has become Mengzhou’s a key economic growth pole, a sally port of economic transformation development, a major platform of investment attraction and a main battlefield of employment transfer.

Prominent advantages of industrial cluster. Mengzhou has cultivated and formed two leading industries above 10 billion yuan: equipment manufacturing industry and biochemical industry. The equipment manufacturing industry has formed two leading enterprises (Zhongyuan Neipei and Zhongyuan GKN), 7 backbone enterprises (such as Zhongyuan Piston, Famous Laser Remanufacturing, Jialing, Sanli Power Source, etc.), and 29 supporting enterprises (such as Yinxing Brakes, Nabao Vehicle, etc.), with main products covering 8 series and 54 varieties: cylinder sleeve, bearing bush, piston, exhaust purifier, vehicle power source, motor tricycle, vehicle electrical appliance, auto key parts, etc. The biochemical industry has formed 2 leading enterprises (such as Guangji Pharm. and Kingsoft), 10 backbone enterprises (such as Huaxing Corp., Huaxing Biological, Goldkorn, Heyang Industry, Xinyuan, etc.), and 25 supporting enterprises (such as Jinhai Chemical, Hongji Biological, Shibo Biotechnology, etc.), with main products covering biological additive, biological agent and biological fertilizer: riboflavin, spartame, tryptophan, phenylalanine, acetic ether, β-cyclic dextrin, protein feed, etc.

Strong independent innovation ability. With the goal of “Creating Enterprise into Industry, Creating Products into Brand, Creating Technology into Standard”, perform technological innovation actively, promote industry-university-institute cooperation and seize industrial commanding height. Since 2009, we have introduced more than 480 overseas experts and top-level talents and obtained more than 1300 patents; built 1 post-doctoral scientific research workstation, 2 academician workstations, 2 post-doctoral R&D bases, 8 provincial engineering technology centers, 5 National High-tech Enterprises, and 5 overseas R&D centers; and created 3 China Famous Trademarks, 12 Henan Famous Trademarks and 7 Henan Top Brands. 5 enterprises, such as Zhongyuan Neipei, Henan Prosper Fur Co., Ltd., Famous Company, Tailijie and Guangji Pharm. have become the maker of national or industrial standards. The main industries’ guiding and control ability gets promoted sharply.

Rising of opening-up upland. With remarkable acceleration of high-end orientation and internationalization of the leading industries, Mengzhou has realized joint-venture cooperation with the Fortune 500 Enterprises, such as GKN, Cummins, Ford, GE, Chrysler, etc., and product cooperation with more than 50 famous brand companies, such as UGG, COACH, LV, etc.. Some China top 500 enterprises, such as Shanghai Baosteel, China South Industries Group Corporation, Jialing, etc. have invested into Mengzhou directly. The products from the leading industries, such as cylinder sleeve, riboflavin, etc., are available in more than 60 countries and regions. Henan Dezhong Public Bonded Center has been built and approved as Henan’s second Bonded Logistics Center (B) by General Administration of Customs on Feb. 19, 2014. Driven by the industry cluster district, Mengzhou has ranked first in gross value of imports and exports, export, import and per capita export among Henan’s key opening-up counties (cities) in 9 consecutive years.

Increasing enhancement of bearing capacity. Mengzhou has invested 3.86 billion yuan in 89 km roads, 105 km rainwater and sewage pipe network, 1,000,000 m2 standard workshops, 2 110KV transformer substations, 50000-ton sewage treatment works, staff apartment, etc., expanding the built-up area up to 10.28 sq. km.; built some supporting facilities, such as central business district, Xinyuan residence, railway special line, integrated service center, etc., enhancing the bearing capacity of the industry cluster district sharply.

In-depth promotion of industry-city interaction. According to the requirements of urban overall planning, overall planning for land utilization and industry cluster district development planning, integrate industries and city resources effectively and accelerate the development of new-type industrialization and new-type urbanization. Plan a urban new area at the junction of urban area and industry cluster district, and lay out 5 key functional sectors (cultural leisure, education and training, ecological tourism and technological research and development) and central business district according to the requirements of industrial development. Build 10 new-type communities and industrial communities, which can contain at least 100,000 people. 3 backbone roads connecting with old city area, new city area and industry cluster district have been completed nearly. Hanshan Cultural Industry Park, staff apartment, sports center, etc. are under construction. The development pattern of industry-city benign interaction is being formed gradually.

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