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Mengzhou is a transitional area from the hill area before Taihang Mountain to North China Plain, its terrain slanting towards southeast from northwest, its altitude dropping from 305.9 meters to 108.5 meters, its territory having obvious transitional features: “low mountain – hill – plain” from west to east. Mengzhou is a western frontier of the North China Plain.

Its soil consists of cinnamon soil and moisture soil. The cinnamon soil is divided into 8 soil species, such as loess, dark loessial soil, laterite, etc., distributed in the western hill areas. The moisture soil is divided into 6 soil species, such as mixed soil, sandy soil, etc., distributed in the eastern plain and yellow river beach area. Mengzhou’s climate is warm temperate continental monsoon climate, with four distinctive seasons and annual average temperature 14.2℃, dried with wind and sand in spring, hot and rainy in summer, sunny with long sunshine time in autumn, cold with rare rains and snows in winter. Its mining resources are scarce. Mengzhou only has calcareous tufa, limestone, bluestone, oil shale, river sand, clay and soft coal. Its river sand and clay are particularly pure, which are the best resources for the building materials among the surrounding cities and countries.

The surface water in Mengzhou includes the Yellow River, Manghe River, Diverted Manghe River and Zhulong River and Yin-Qing-Ji-Mang Ditch, with average annual runoff of 71,200,000 m3, equal to 37.5% of Mengzhou’s total water resources. The Yellow River runs through the South Mengzhou with a length of 26 km, at the junction of the middle and lower reaches, where the Yellow River is widened its surface and deposited a great amount of mud and sand, being a “Suspended River”; the Yellow River Dam (left bank) starts with Dong-Cao and Da-Wang-Miao in Mengzhou. After Xiaolangdi Reservoir was built in 1990s, the Yellow River is under control. Since 1995, all the immigrants from Xin’an have settled in the Yellow River Beach Area.

In Mengzhou, there are various wild animals (such as hare, hedgehog, fox, weasel, squirrel, etc.) and more than 160 wild plants (such as radix rehmanniae, wolfberry, circium japonicum, hippochaete ramosissimum, artemisia, purslane, mugwort, morning glory, green bristlegrass, cynodon dactylon, dandelion, salsola collina, radix bupleuri, wild jujube, etc.

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