Xi Jinping with "pro" "clear" should clarify the new government-business relations

CPC Central Committee General Secretary and State President and CMC Chairman Xi Jinping March 4 in the afternoon visited the CPPCC National Committee second session of the Fourth Session of the Democratic National Construction Association, Federation members, and participate in joint meeting, members listened to opinions and suggestions. He stressed that public ownership as the mainstay, the basic economic system of ownership developing side by side, is a major policies established by the Communist Party of China must unswervingly consolidate and develop the public economy, and unswervingly encourage, support and guide non-public economy development of. Non-public economic status and role in Chinas economic and social development has not changed, we encourage, support and guide non-public economic development policies has not changed, we are committed to non-public economic development to create a good environment and provide more opportunities for policy policy has not changed.

Politburo Standing Committee, CPPCC Chairman Yu Zhengsheng visit and participate in the discussion.

Joint group meeting, BaiChongEn, Nan Cunhui, a Hu, Li, Li Yuguang, Xu Guanju, Guo Yue Jin, Wang Wenbiao, Zhang Minghua, Chen column and other 10 members, around promoting supply-side structural reforms to strengthen the development of manufacturing confidence, innovation to expand the network of economic development, strengthen intellectual property protection, reduce the cost of the real economy, promoting technical innovation, and promote the healthy development of non-public economy and other issues made a statement.

Xi Jinping After listening to the speeches delivered an important speech. He first said that we put forward in his speech some good comments and suggestions, relevant departments should attach great importance to careful study. On behalf of the CPC Central Committee, to all of you members, the majority of Democratic National Construction Association, Federation members and non-public ownership economy, the majority of CPPCC members, to extend my sincere greetings.

Xi Jinping stressed that in the past year, the international situation and arduous task of domestic reform, development and stability of the complex, we coordinate the promotion of the requirements in accordance with the "four comprehensive" strategic layout, firmly grasp the initiative in economic and social development, and properly respond to major risks and challenges, economic growth continued living in the world, reform full force, push, economic construction, political construction, cultural construction, social construction, ecological civilization construction made new progress, the main annual objectives and tasks successfully completed, "twelve five Year plan "successful ending. These achievements are hard won, is the result of the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee, it is the result of the united struggle of people of all nationalities, but also condensed the democratic parties, the National Federation of CPPCC members and members of the hard work and wisdom.

Xi pointed out that in the past year, the Democratic National Construction Association, the National Federation play their own advantages, promote around the Yangtze River economic belt, precise implementation of poverty alleviation, accelerate scientific and technological achievements, and create a favorable environment for innovation, private enterprises to participate "along the way" construction support topics such as the development of small and micro enterprises, in-depth research, made a lot of good ideas and suggestions. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks.

Xi Jinping stressed that China is a socialist country led by the Communist Party of China, public ownership economy is a long time in the course of the formation of national development, national construction, national security, people improve their lives and made outstanding contributions, is a valuable asset of all people, of course, let it develop, and continue to reform, opening up and modernization drive to contribute. We emphasize that the public ownership economy to consolidate and develop the same to encourage, support and guide non-public economic development are not mutually exclusive, but the organic unity. Public ownership economy, the non-public economy should complement each other, not mutually exclusive, cancel each other out.

Xi pointed out that our party adhere to the basic economic institutional point of view is clear and consistent, and is deepening, he never wavered. An important component of the public economy and the non-public economy is a socialist market economy, is an important foundation for Chinas economic and social development; the protection of national property and all economic sectors legitimate interests, adhere to equal rights, equal opportunity, equal rules, non-excitation Public economic vitality and creativity. To improve the core principles of fairness property rights protection system, strengthen the protection of all economic organizations and individuals property rights.

Xi Jinping stressed that since the reform and opening up, the party and the state issued a series of non-public economic development policy measures. Especially since the CPC eighteen, 18th CCP session of the Third, Fourth, Fifth Plenary Session to launch a large number of non-public enterprises to expand market access, equal development of reform initiatives, we continue the introduction of a large number of policies and measures to create to encourage, support and guide non-public economic development policy system, non-public economic development is faced with unprecedented favorable policy environment and social atmosphere. All localities and departments must proceed from reality, refinement, quantitative policy measures to develop relevant supporting initiatives to promote policies fall, down thin, implement, allow private enterprises to truly get a sense from enhanced policies.

Xi Jinping pointed out that currently, the focus should resolve the following issues. First, we must make efforts to resolve the problem of financing small and medium enterprises, to provide reliable, efficient and convenient services for SME financing. The second is to focus on liberalization of market access, all the laws and regulations are not explicitly banned industries and sectors should encourage private capital to enter, all our government has been open to foreign investment or commitments in the area open to domestic private capital should be open. Third, we must strive to accelerate the construction of public service system, support for the establishment of private enterprises common technology service platform, and actively develop technology market to provide technical support and professional services to private enterprise innovation. Fourth, we must focus on the property market to guide private enterprises to use a combination of private capital, foster a number of prominent features, and strong competition in the market of large enterprise groups. Fifth, to further clean up and streamline administrative examination and approval matters involving private investment management fees and related enterprises, standardize the intermediate links, intermediary organizations behavior, reduce the burden on enterprises, reduce business costs. The majority of non-public ownership economy to accurately grasp the development trend of Chinas economy, improve their overall quality, improve the business management system, stimulate entrepreneurship, play entrepreneurship, enhance the inherent vitality and creativity, encourage enterprises to continue to make the development of newer and better.

Xi pointed out that the non-public ownership economy to healthy development, the premise of non-public ownership economy to healthy growth. The majority of non-public ownership economy to strengthen the self-learning, self-education, self-improvement, cherish and safeguard their own social image. To carry out the "law-abiding integrity, strengthen confidence" as the focus of the ideals and beliefs of educational practice, and actively practice the socialist core values, dedication to do patriotic, law-abiding business, entrepreneurship and innovation, the return of a model of society, in promoting the realization of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese Nation Chinese dream practice to write the CLS chapter in their career. The majority of private enterprises to actively join the Glorious Cause and Philanthropy, rich source, both of justice and benefit, voluntarily undertake social responsibilities.

Xi pointed out that the new government-business relations, summarize it is "pro", "clean" word. Leading cadres, the so-called "pro" is to forthright and sincere contacts and exchanges with private enterprises, especially private enterprises in difficulties and problems encountered under the circumstances to be more active as, the top services, pay more attention to the non-public ownership economy, more talk, more guidance, help solve practical problems. The so-called "clean", is the relationship with the private entrepreneurs to be innocent, pure, not greedy selfishness, not abuse of power, can not engage in trading power for money. For private entrepreneurs, the so-called "pro" is active with the party committees and governments at all levels and departments communicate more exchanges, to tell the truth, say the truth, Zheng Jian words, enthusiastically support local development. The so-called "clean" is to keep his nose clean, go the right way, do abide by the law to do business, engage in honest business.

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